About Vimanas Custom Jewellery brand

Driven by a passion for intelligent design and innovation, Vimanas embodies the marriage of creativity and technology. Continuously pushing boundaries in design and challenging perceptions of jewellery, the brand offers user-friendly customization options that give their customers a high level of input into their bespoke pieces.

The Founder’s journey as a design engineer in architecture and medical apparatus, lead to his fascination of 3d modelling and how technology can be used to bring each customers ideas to life.

Vimanas allows you to turn inspiration from your daily lives into a reality. Based on a philosophy of exploration and discovery, the brand looks to evolve through the vision of its customers. Determined to develop the most innovative jewellery customisation options, Vimanas is about creating objects that will be cherished.

Morphing inspiration from our surrounding environment, with new groundbreaking technologies, their vision lies in the marriage of jewellery design and technology. Taking learnings from the past, looking to the future and creating something, which is now.