About Vimanas Vimanas Description

Vimanas™ embodies the marriage of design and technology to produce attractive, high-quality jewellery while paying great attention to detail from idea all the way through to finished product.

The brand is currently developing a one-of-a-kind jewellery platform which encourages customers to be creative with their jewellery and to make use of the many opportunities that modern technology, such as 3D printing, provides.

The founder of Vimanas (Dee Fisher) started his journey in the medical industry as a design engineer and as head of 3D printing. He became fascinated with the idea of 3d modeling for jewellery and soon started 3d printing his designs. Having contacts in the medical industry allowed Dee to have access to CAT scanners allowing for the skulls from the first collection to be scanned. The first scan was a raven skull, and the rest of the collection grew from there. Soon afterward the Vimanas brand was born.