Design Your Own Jewellery Online May 7, 2017

Our revolutionary jewellery customisation platform, set to launch in 2017, offers customers ‘creative freedom’ to create incredibly detailed and beautiful designs with a variety of customisation options.

The Vimanas platform, which we are currently developing, will then 3D print the jewellery with a range of material options including gold and silver.

With an intuitive and user-friendly interface, the platform will allow users to either create their own designs from scratch or adapt existing jewellery designs with unique details. The latter option allows users to upload their sketches or to draw directly into the platform using their mouse, and will intelligently transform their work into a wearable design before manufacturing it into beautiful jewellery. Other design options will allow users to upload an image of a texture, such as bark on a tree, and create a solid piece of jewellery with the very same, highly detailed texture. It is our advanced 3D-printing technology which makes it possible for such high levels of accurate detail to be achieved.

We expect the platform to be met with a fantastic response from jewellery lovers who want the opportunity to create bespoke pieces themselves and with some incredible 3D-printing technology at our fingertips, our aim is to share it with jewellery and design enthusiasts who otherwise wouldn’t have an opportunity to utilise it.

The platform will give a level of creative freedom that can’t be found elsewhere, and we’re excited to see the beautiful designs people come up with.

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