Jewellery Design Services CAD, 3D-printing & Casting Services

Our Services:

  • Convert your jewellery design sketches into a 3D computer model. This is also known as creating CAD (Computer Aided Design). This virtual 3d model can then be fed into a 3D printer as well as being used to aid in more conventional jewellery manufacturing processes.
  • 3D-print your jewellery design. We can create high resolution, accurate wax prints of your design. These wax prints can then be used to cast your pieces.
  • Casting. We can cast and then polish your pieces to a high quality.
  • Setting. We can also set gems in your pieces as well.


Pricing examples:

Based on the design in the image. (Excl. VAT)

  • 3D modelling (CAD): £45
  • 3D printing: £60
  • Casting (excluding material cost):  £27
  • Polishing: £8
  • Setting: £35

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“The Vimanas team are very professional and always a pleasure to work with!”

Jack Tohoma – Jewellery Designer


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Lucy O’Neill – Jeweller